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The Most Underrated City: Boston

The must-see scene which pops into someone’s mind when thinking about New York is always the Statue of Liberty. Even though it is a thing you should go and view, there are many other lovely views that New York humbly presents to its visitors. Here are many beautiful sights you can witness, from the city of New York to Lake Placid and also other panoramic spots, which will definitely make your vacation worthwhile:


New York State Scenic Tour
New York State Scenic Tour

Be a part of a train tour for a scenic trip to New York

Have a full day train trip to various areas of New York State. Some of the most renowned travels you may join include the Polar Express, Upper Hudson River Railroad, and Adirondack Scenic Railroad.

* The Polar Express. Have you heard of the prominent film called the Polar Express? Experience this particular one-of-a-kind trip for kids and adults that will absolutely make your New York visit unforgettable for the whole family. Make sure you make early reservations because tickets quickly get sold-out. On this particular train ride, you’re asked to use pajamas as you travel from Utica Union Station to the “The North Pole” set in Holland Patent. On their way to the North Pole, little ones can enjoy events such as listening to a reading of “The Polar Express” written by Chris van Allsburg. Kids also get to see the elves, while everybody enjoys a warm chocolate and also dessert treat. Upon arrival at the North Pole, Santa climbs aboard the train and provides his first Christmas gift: he participates in your group heading back to Utica while interacting with all of you.

* Upper Hudson River Railroad Tours. These kinds of trips travel via the Adirondacks, and also across the Upper Hudson River, usually from the North Creek Depot in North Creek, New York. Within your 8-mile scenic travel, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful lake scenes, as well as spot fascinating animals, such as deer, fox, beaver, wild turkeys, and even hairless eagles. The tour ceases at the Riverside Station in Riparius, where one can dine, go shopping, go to historic displays, and sightsee prior to proceeding back to North Creek.

* Adirondack Scenic Railroad Travels. These trips also offer a variety of options to select from. You can take a full-day journey from Utica to Thendara near Old Forge, that takes two hours each way with a roughly 4 hour layover in Thendara. There, you can enjoy eating, purchasing, and also hanging around at the lakes at Old Forge. You may also want to consider train adventures in between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid where you could stay for a couple of hours or even invest an evening to tour either of the towns upon arrival.

Have a trip to Goat Island at Niagara Falls

You can find numerous renowned views of New York here on Goat Island. You will get very close to the American Falls and also Horseshoe Falls and enjoy spectacular sights. Taking the Cave on the Winds tour will let you observe the view of the American Falls from below. From there, you could take a short walk to Bridal Veil Falls, simply next to the American Falls.

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The Most Underrated City: Boston